Introducing the HOODRATstuff Manji series. What is Manji? It is a technique used in drifting where the rear end swings back and forth down a straight before a turn. So just when you thought it was safe in the streets, we bring you the fun of doing bad things.


DSC_6966 copy

We collaborated with our friends over at Street Faction to bring the fun of doing bad things on the streets. Hopefully you didn’t miss on the video:

DSC_6849 copy
The Bad Manji tee peaking out of the bokeh.

Also available in a Manji Pocket Tee

DSC_6936 copy
The back of the Bad Manji tee.

DSC_6906 copy
The most important piece of drifting that allows the driver to become an artist.

DSC_6835 copy

DSC_7021 copy

DSC_6832 copy
The back of the Bad Things Seal Tee.

DSC_7053 copy

DSC_6772 copy
Caught heads being broken as Matt from Street Faction ripped through the corners .

DSC_7055 copy
Action shots are the best.

DSC_6773 copy
The back seal can also be found on our Bad Things Seal Long Sleeve.

DSC_7079 copy
Thank you to Keith for capturing the moment.
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